Singer Futura XL-400 Embroidery Machine

Singer Futura XL-400 portable sewing and embroidery machine reviewSinger Corporation Founded in the year 1851 is one of the most and reputable manufacturers of sewing machines. The company produces low-cost and easy in usage interface sewing machines. Singer manufactures well-equipped top premium embroidery and sewing devices that will help you with the adornment of home decoration items, garment, etc.There are many embroidery models from Singer available on today’s market. Models by this manufacturer are highly estimated by users. Here is a review of the one of the best devices from this manufacturer -SINGER Futura XL-400. The model is well-designed, future-rich and is one of the best computerized options for sale.


Singer Futura XL-400 Review

The SINGER Futura XL-400 is one of the most fitted models on today’s market that combines such options as sewing and embroidery computerization. In Futura line latest generation, this device is rated to be on the top ones.

Sewing Features of SINGER Futura XL-400:

This model is equipped with all the features a premium embroidery and sewing machine should be equipped with.

  • The model operates using SwiftSmart threading system that makes threading effortless. With the automatic needle threader, you can forget about the tweezers, and throw your magnifying glass into a trash bin. This model can be threaded with just a single touch of the implemented automatic needle threader. The model is designed with 30 implemented sewing stitches that one can pick up depending on one’s needs. Amongst these are heirloom, stretch, utility, quilting, basic and decorative stitches.
  • The model has drop and sew bobbin systems. Also, you can use one of two One-Step auto buttonholes. The arm length of the device is around 210 mm that gives one huge amount of room for sewing and enables one to create size unlimited design patterns.

Embroidery Features of SINGER Futura XL-400:

Also, this model is designed with many convenient features. The device has a set of 125 embroidery patterns and provides five different monogramming lettering fonts. A multihop function enables you to create larger patterns up to 18.5 inches by 11 inches. Also, this model comprises 2 embroidery hoops, one of which is 4 by 4 inches, and the other one is 10 by 6 inches in size. The greatest advancement of this model is its 6 StayBright LED light system that gives additional light for users and reduces eye strain. This model saves your time by a significant margin, as its can speed up to 600/min.

Other key features of SINGER Futura XL-400:

Computerized embroidery option

Using USB cable that is included in the purchase, a user can connect the machine to his computer. The function of computer connectivity enables users to download new decorative patterns from PC to their machine. Also, the device has a software program with the help of which you can add text, edit the size of the picture and more. The machine supports different design formats which means you can download free as well as paid patterns from websites depending on what you think are the most suitable ones for your project.

Design file ability

With the installed software this machine has, SINGER Futura XL-400 can read most of designs and patterns. This function is essential for the device to provide a user with a broad choice of options to choose from.

Programmable up and down needle

You can make a needle stop up or down with just a single touch. This function increases the preciseness of stitch placement by a significant margin.


The manufacturer provides this model with a 25-year guarantee.

Amongst a few demerits of the machine are:

As the device is equipped with numerous features, some users claim it will take some time to learn to operate all of them. However, as soon as you are used to all of the features, you will realize that you have opted for a right machine since this one is a combination of embroidery and sewing options.

All in all, I want to say that today’s market offers a great number of models to choose from, but having bought Futura XL-400 embroidery and sewing machine you will be totally satisfied with the result of its exceptional service.


Singer Futura XL-400 Embroidery Machine
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