Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400 sewing & embroidery machine reviewThis model is equipped with numerous features, so before making up your mind about the buy you should make sure it will match all of your requirements.


Brother SE400 Review

  • Fundamental characteristics
  • The variety of stitches
  • Patterns the model is featured with
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Brother SE400 Review

What users like about the machine

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One of the greatest advancements of this particular model is that this one is a combination of computerized sewing and embroidery options, which makes it suitable for almost any task you want to carry out.

If you are seeking the way to get monogrammed towels for a friend’s wedding or want to have a nicely designed blanket, this model will match your needs.


Apart from the 2-in-1 sewing and embroidery combination, the device has fabulous 67 implemented stitches.

You can regulate the width and the height of each of the stitches. Also, you can adjust different variations of the stitches depending on what is up to your taste. For example, you can double a stitch or mirror a stitch and many other variations, this is an excellent function for those users who reckon the device does not possess the stitches they want. The most common stitches used by mane are the appliqué, one step button hole and zigzag.

Patterns the model is featured with

The machine already has seventy built-in patterns. They vary from cute birds to beautiful florals and many other options.

Thanks to the function of computer connectivity, you can continually renew decorative patterns in your machine with new ones. Using USB cable that is included in the purchase, a user can connect the machine to his computer. The function of computer connectivity enables users to download new decorative patterns from PC to their machine. The embroidery hoop is 4″ x 4″ which is spacious enough for creating p various projects, especially monogramming.


This device is designed with 8 different presser feet that can be applied to zig zags, buttons, etc. This convenient option will save your extra money as you will not have to splash out on additional fittings for the unit.


Simplicity of utilizing

This device is one of the most simple to utilize sewing machines if electronics does not give you a hard time. The touch screen LCD display enables you to receive the exact stitch you are seeking.

The backlight situated on the LCD screen allows users to view the stitches. This model is also an excellent beginner sewing machine for those who are new to embroidery and sewing business and have no desire to babysit the device.

If you are at odds with electronics, you might face some complications using this model. Also, be careful while giving it for repair, since not all are competent enough to cope with subtle organization of computerized models.


The machine has several key features that deserve your attention.

It is featured with an auto threader that will save your tome for threading by a significant margin.

  • The needle can be programmed.
  • There are sensors in the bobbin and the upper thread.

Since the device is automated, it will save you a great deal of time and will spare you all extra tasks. Those who cannot resist multitasking will find this option to be a formidable benefit. This model is a low-cost sewing and embroidery machine that is competitively priced for a sewing machine with the option of computerization.


The manufacturer provides users with s a 25-year guarantee on this device, which is a good term of service of the device.


The device comprises eight presser feet, that come with a soft cover to prevent the components of the device from damaging, a tool case that includes necessary tools for the machine repair and some accessories for cleaning of the device as well as a hoop and an embroidery arm.


There is a wide choice of accessories and fittings suitable for this model. What you receive depends on what your demands of the device are.

Some users purchase additional presser feet while other users buy extra bobbins and stabilizers for the device. Also, if you want your projects to be bigger in size, you might choose a bigger hoop.

  • The ability to connect the machine to your PC is one of the most formidable benefits of the device. This is a great option for such price. The function of computer connectivity enables one to get access to the web and import new patterns and designs that can be downloaded to one’s machine. The function of computerization reduces the workload that you have to do with the device in every aspect, from handling to preparation
  • Also, connecting the device to your PC always keeps it up-to-day. This option is an essential one if you want to follow the latest developments by Brother Se400 (stitches, fresh designs, etc.). Also, you can personalize your device by importing various patterns. There are numerous designs and patterns on embroidery websites that even include characters from games and series.


  1. Users state that the biggest demerit of this model is that needles have a tendency to be damaged easily. However, while the needles might be more fragile that you expected, you can adapt an appropriate size and tension to shorten the number of needles you go through.
  2. One more common issue people complain about is that the embroidery hoop that comes with the models is too small. Even though it will be appropriate for most of the projects, there are those projects this hoop is just not suitable for. However, it is not a necessity to apply only the hoop that is included into the purchase. You can easily purchase a hoop and utilize it.

To Sum Up

Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Embroidery Machine is one of those models that currently represent the new generation of sewing devices. These numerous features the model is equipped with will spare you a lot of extra work and make the embroidery process easy and pleasant. However, if you are accustomed to the older models, it might take time for you to get the hang of this new computerized version of the machine.

All in all, if you are seeking an excellent quality device that will give you numerous embroidery patterns and is computerized but do not want to splash out, this model might be the best option for you!.

This model is lightweight, versatile and compact for transporting. Whether you are totally new to embroidery business or a professional, Brother SE400 embroidery and sewing machine is a brilliant variant to take into account!


Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Embroidery Machine
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