Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 embroidery machine reviewIf you are a professional, who is well-versed in embroidery field seeking a machine that would match all of your requirements, conduct your purchase carefully before making. There is a great variety of models available on today’s market, and you will have to make up your mind which one to choose. This broad range of models makes it difficult for one to focus one’s attention on a particular model. From a user’s perspective, quality and technical characteristics of the product are the most crucial factors to look at while making a purchase. On my site, I am presenting numerous best embroidery machine reviews that will help you in comparison of the models, and, hopefully, will help you make a rational choice.



Brother PE770 Review

Here is a review of the best model Brother PE770:

Brother PE770 is a model that enables you to create versatile embroidery patterns and will cope with different embroidery tasks.This feature-rich model is designed with 136 implemented patterns and 6 alphanumeric fonts. This model can boost its speed up to 650 stitches per minute.

The ample 4 by 4-inch embroidery area of the device enables you to stitch larger designs suitable for shirts, rucksacks, sweaters and many items of home decor. The huge space the model is providing gives unlimited freedom to your creativity and enables you to carry out your imagination on a piece of fabric.

This model comes with 136 fabulous designs; having such a wide range of choice, you might pick up that pattern that will suit your project best. Also, you might use the built-in USB port to get access to even more patterns. The are numerous embroidery websites that provide free of charge as well as paid patterns; so one can download them and import them in one’s device. This model has a built-in memory that you may use to save the patterns you have purchased or downloaded to apply them in future.

The theme of these 136 patterns varies from magnificent floral patterns to intricate scrollwork, traditional patterns and much more. The machine also has 10 frame shapes and 12 elegant borders.

It does not matter whether you are a just beginner at embroidery business or a professional, searching new ideas and designs, if you are seeking a quick, good quality machine capable of doing numerous tasks this model is an excellent option.

Manufacturer provides PE-500 with a 25-year guarantee as well as phone support. The model is promised to have a long life service. This model received “Consumers Digest Best Buy” award that is to those products that offer premium quality and exceptional service against their price.

The size of the LCD display is 1.4 by 2.7-inch.

The screen displays decorative patterns and enables you to see the final look of the pattern. The screen has an option of editing (increasing, decreasing, etc), so you will have an opportunity to change or edit patterns before stitching them on fabric.

Brother PE770 is designed with automatic needle threader to make bobbin safe and achieve top threading results. The auto thread cutter increases the preciseness of thread trimming by a significant margin.

Additional fittings the device is equipped with are:an embroidery arm, bobbins, a pair of scissors, a power cord, a set of needles,a cleaning brush, a 5 by 7-inch embroidery hoop, spool net, screwdrivers, an accessory pouch, Seam ripper and a user manual(in Spanish and English).

Key features of Brother PE770:

  • Ample 5 by 7-inch embroidery space
  • Offers embroidery card slot
  • Conveniet and easy in usage LCD touch screen display
  • Automatic needle threader for quick and convenient threading
  • An option of pattern editing
  • Built-in memory to save patterns
  • Automatic thread cutter

Demerits of Brother PE770 are:

  • When the process of stitching has begun, the picture on LCD screen might get blurred.
  • Sometimes the hoop of the device is so tight that you will have to press it down
  • This model is not recommended for those countries that do not support an electricity power of 120V AC.

To sum up:

There is a great variety of models on today’s  market to choose from; some models are simple and will be the best embroidery machines for beginners, other combine sewing, and computerized embroidery functions, so you can select a device that will match all of your needs best. As a conclusion, I will say that Brother PE770 carries out exceptional performance, and this model is capable of fulfilling many embroidery tasks.


Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine
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