Brother PE-500 Embroidery Machine

PBrother PE500 embroidery machine reviewsE-500 is a model that combines a wide choice of different useful options and an affordable price and at the same time.Never mind that the device produced by brother comes at a low price, it has a truly wide range of fittings and options. This machine is a multi-operated and simple in usage device. Let the price not scare you, as PE-500 is designed with such premium class options that even more costly machines cannot provide. These all functions make the embroidery process exciting and convenient.It does not matter whether you are a just beginner at embroidery or a professional, searching fresh, exquisite patterns; the PE-500 is an ideal option for you. This machine is fitted with a set of up-to-date patterns you might use to adorn almost any kind of fabric. The wide choice of patterns will enable you to pick up a design that will become a perfect adornment of your project. You can create unique patterns on T-shirts, handbags, bed-linen or even customize some items of decor as a present. The machine can also serve to personalize some other home accessories with monograms. Pe-500 is a model that has limitless functions of embroidery.



Brother PE-500 Review

Despite the fact this model is a light-weight device, it can cope with almost every embroidery task on delicate fabrics like silk ass well as on sturdy materials like denim. If you are new to embroidery business and know nothing about embroidery, this model will help you learn everything from the very beginning.

Below we describe the best PE-500 characteristics:

Huge 4 by 4-inch embroidery area

The ample 4 by 4-inch spacious embroidery area of the device gives you unlimited space for creating various patterns. The unlimited space gives freedom to your creativity and enables you to carry out your imagination on a piece of fabric.

LCD display

The backlit LCD touch screen gives you access to seventy patterns the models is featured with, the touch screen will enable you to control and change patterns. You can view the final look of the pattern you have created before stitching it material. The greatest thing about the screen is that it has implemented tutorials that will help you learn embroidery.

Automatic needle threader and bobbin preparation

With the automatic needle threader, you can forget about the tweezers, and throw away your magnifying glass. This model can be threaded with just a single touch.

Apart from comfortable threading, this model has a convenient bobbin winding option that prepares the bobbin procedure very quickly.

Computerized embroidery functions to refresh patterns

Thanks to the function of computer connectivity, you can constantly renew decorative patterns in your machine with new and more luxury ones. Also, you can buy some exclusive patterns from embroidery websites. Computerized embroidery option also enables you to install the latest advancements.

A bilingual user guide and a guarantee

The device has a service manual in the English and the Spanish languages that will guide you about the device usage. Manufacturer provides PE-500 with a 25-year limited guarantee as well as phone support. The model is promised to have a long service life.

Starter kit and additional fittings

A starter kit of the machine comprises three spools of embroidery thread and three sheets of medium-weight stabilizer. The additional fittings are the starter set of stabilizer, thread, hoop, needle and some other fittings. Practically, you can begin embroidery straight away after unpacking the device.

Several demerits of the device are:

Even though the model is equipped with all necessary features, still there are some drawbacks. Some users wish the hoop of the machine were bigger while others want a more spacious embroidery area of 5 by 5-inches that would give more space for designs.


I have to say that PE-500 is feature-rich, multifunctional and simple in use model at low cost. If you are seeking a device that will provide you with an excellent service, but do not want any extra expenses, take this one into account, as it might be the one to match your demands best.


Brother PE-500 Embroidery Machine
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